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ADA4571 spec. clarification


We have questions about ADA4571 as below,

1) We used 'resolver' which is differential output to measure the angle. We want to try ADA4571 to replace the resolver, but the we are concerned about if the single-end output of ADA4571 bring greater noise or interference in to the system than the differential output of resolver.

2) The datasheet says the Max. Dynamic Angular Error is +-0.5 Degrees when rotation frequency = 2000 rpm, TA = −40°C to +150°C.

But we require +-0.05 Degrees as the Max. Dynamic Angular Error in our system. Is there anything can be done to reduce the Max. Dynamic Angular Error of ADA4571 like slow down the rotating(if so, please tell me the rounds per minute) or something?

Thanks a lot.