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AD2S1205 Velocity Clarification

I am interfacing AD2S1205 to micro chip controller using SPI. I am following as per the timing diagram to get the velocity and position. My clarification is if i send a command to read the velocity the controller gives me position information. I am able to confirm that it is position information from the RDVEL status bit in the response data. Please help me to understand why this is happening.

  • Hello

    Just adding the SPI timing diagram for reference. If setup correctly the AD2S1205 will work as described in the data sheet. Some points to watch out for in the timing

    Ensure the /RDVEL is high for t4 prior to starting the read back of position, 5ns.

    The MSB of the result is sent out on the /RD falling edge. Subsequent bits are propagated on SCLK rising edges. if SCLK idles low for example it is possible to miss the MSB and then data outputted would appear off.