ADR8211 Current measurment for motor driving

I have asked this iisue earlier but again.

Where is mistake?

20 ohm Resistor between v+  and shunt or  between V-  and shunt could be damaged.

We are checking motor drive current by AD8211. Motor VCC  24V and GND (GND_Motor) is filtteres (Emifilter)

AD8211: V+ is connected 5V_CTRL (using cap 100nF / GND CTRL ) AD8211 GND is connected GND_CTRL.

Shunt resistor is 0.01ohm. Between Vin+ and Vin- line is Cap 1uF serial resitor foe both Vin+ and Vin- are 20ohm .

could GND of AD8211 be connected to the GND_Motor or GND_CTRL?

    • Now i found same problem again and seems that  AD8211 is damaged and output voltage is too much, close to 5v

Those 20 ohm resistors were damaged as well. I changed resistors but output voltage was still too high.Seems that  New Ad8211 helps, Reference voltage ls 3.3V in controller.