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MAX32666FHTR setup issue with Eclipse and was wondering if there is any alternative compiler?

Category: Software
Product Number: MAX32666
Software Version: Version: 2022-12 (4.26.0) Build id: 20221201-1913


I was wondering if I may get some help on setting up MAX32666FHTR in Windows - a nooby question perhaps or is it just me? Been accustomed to Keil MDK (for other mcu) and just started with Eclipse for MAX32666

Downloaded Maxim SDK 1.0.1 (Windows) - from

Installed SDK.


1.) After loading Eclipse => New => Maxim Microcontroller - no further windows appear (nothing happens), as I was under the impression that another window screen should appear where one get to select maxim MCU and debugger etc

2.) Opened a project instead => Hello World

3.) Tried compiling but with errors:

  a.) Program "arm-none-eabi-gcc" not found in PATH

  b.) Program "make" not found in PATH

Kindly see captured screenshot

I suspect something perhaps went wrong in installation => uninstall and installed again. Point 1 still not showing anything. 


i.) Any suggestion on HOW to get Maxim Controller windows to appear after clicking New might be very useful as it might be the missing link from the beginning

ii.) How to get the errors in point 3 resolved and removed? 

ii.) Is there any alternative compiler that support MAX32666??? I had a looked at Keil MDK and it seems MAX32666 is not on their support list.


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