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CO2 gas detection using ADICUP360 and CN 0338 shield

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADUCM360


I want to individually program the ADUCM360 microcontroller. I made this circuit by using data sheet of ADICUM360 but it didn't work. Please give me suggestions as soon as possible.
I am attaching a file for the circuit given below. I am using a JTAG 10 pin in order to program the microcontroller.
please replay as soon as possible.
  • Hi,

      May I know if you have refereed to this figure below in datasheet,

  • Thanks for your replay.

    Yes. I referred to this figure.

    As this picture indicating - "Interface board connector" I cant find any connector like this. Please replay there is a connector in the is already available for programming.

    In the data sheet of ADUCM360 there is Serial Drive Adaptor (SDA)  potion where there 20 pin JTAG is connected model present. 

  • Hi,

    I see in your schematic that there is only a 0.47uF capacitor connected to both REG_DVDD and AVDD_REG. As you can see in the picture shared above, two capacitors are required, one as close as possible to REG_DVDD, and another one as close as possible to AVDD_REG.

    The ADuCM360 uses the SWD protocol, not JTAG. Can you confirm which programmer you are using and if is configured to use SWD protocol?

    SWD is compatible with both the 20 pin and 10 pin JTAG/SWD connectors. The TX and RX shown in the "Interface Board Connector" are there because the programmer provided with our evaluation board provides a virtual UART in addition to SWD, and in this case TX and RX are connected to SIN and SOUT which are the UART ports of the ADuCM360. However the virtual UART is not required for programming the device, and if your programmer does not provide this functionality, you can ignore the RX and TX connection to the SWD connector.

    In our evaluation board website EVAL-ADUCM360 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices you can access the evaluation board schematic as a reference as well.

  • Thank you for your replay,

    Thank you for pointing out the mistake i have done on 0.45uf  capacitor in the circuit schematic. 

    We are using SWD protocol. As you said SWD compactable with 10 pin JTAG connectors.

    We are interested in programming ADUCM360 by using SWD protocol. As you said i ignored SIN, SOUT pins and use SWDIO pin in JTAG  for programming ADUCM360 because of not using Virtual UART.
    But it does not work. please replay as soon as possible.

  • Can you please confirm which programmer you are using?


  • The programming environment that i am using is Cross Core Embedded Studio (C++)

  • Hi,

    I meant the physical programmer that is driving the SWD programming to the microcontroller.

  • thank your for your replay

    XSENTUALS J Link V8 USB ARM JTAG Emulator Debugger is currently using

  •  Hi,

    I do not see anything wrong in our side of the wiring setup. However, I am unfortunately not familiar with that particular programmer. I would refer you to them in order to ask how to be correctly configured.