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MAX32664C v32.9.23.mbsl showing v0.0.255, stuck in bootloader mode

Category: Software
Product Number: MAX32664
Software Version: v32.9.23

Hi EngineerZone,

After receiving my MAX32664C last week and reviewing the documentation, I've attempted to update the on-board .msbl file using the MAX32630FHTR flasher code found here:

After a few tweaks to the code, I was able to get this successfully running with a NUCLEO-F446RE device. My current issue is now that the device has been flashed with the MAX32664C_OS58_I2C_1PD_WHRM_AEC_SCD_WSPO2_C_32.9.23.msbl file, it shows a Sensor Hub version of v0.0.255 and will not exit bootloader mode. I have re-attempted flashing and recorded a trace of the flashing process, all of which seems to be consistent with the I2C commands found in Table 9 of the User Guide (


Is this v0.0.255 issue caused by an error on my end, or is this version buggy?

I am using v32.9.23 specifically since I have a KX122 accelerometer attached to my circuit. I can provide the logic analyser trace file if required.

Any help would be appreciated.