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ADuC70xx flash fails

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADuC7021

So I've developed a little program for a client using the ADuC7020 eval board.  Everything works great.
Now the client's first hardware rev is in (using ADuC7021) so I'm trying to get that going.

Flashing the new hardware with ARMWSD always fails on the Verify step (the failure point happens randomly between 0x00 and 0x50).  Whatever was flashed sure doesn't boot, so I tend to believe that Verify is doing what it's supposed to.

I've checked the processor voltages and also verified that the client's processor connections all match up with those on my eval board schematic.

I'm baffled why one device would work and not the other.

Any thoughts/tips/suggestions for getting to the bottom of this?

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  • Hi,

    You're right. It could be that your client has already flashed something that prevents you from verifying it using the ARMWSD. It could be that whatever was flashed is resetting the board, or there is read protection preventing you from completing the Verify step.

    You can try to Mass Erase the existing program flashed then try to flash a new program to check if you can pass the verify step.



  • Ok, I found it!  According to the Data Sheet (section on "IOVDD Supply Sensitivity")
    "Typically, frequency noise greater than 50 kHz and 50 mV p-p on top of the supply causes the core to stop working."

    The measured VDD noise was several times that.  After adding better filtering, everything worked fine.