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ADuCM355 Hibernation mode

Hello - Is it possible to continue to operate the PWM module whilst the ADuCM355 is in in Hibernate Mode e.g using LFOSC as the driving clock etc

Thanks for any information

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  • PWM outputs of the timers can operate in full hibernate mode.

  • To have the PWM function in hibernate mode 2 I do not run the Analog Devices example function AfePwrCfg as part of the hibernation process anymore. (see section of the AD example code below)

    Will this cause any issues for the ADuCM355 because I am not closing the NL, NL2 and PL, and PL2 switches anymore to the DVDD_REG_AD 1.8V LDO. (power consumption due to leakage etc)

    Section of Analog Devices example code AfePwrCfg 

    if(Mode == AFE_HIBERNATE)
          pADI_ALLON->PWRKEY = 0x4859;
          pADI_ALLON->PWRKEY = 0xF27B;
          pADI_ALLON->PWRMOD = 0x0001;    //make sure pwrmod value is active.
          /*minimize leakage in the unused switches*/
          pADI_AFE->NSWFULLCON |= 0x0C00;  //Close switches NL and NL2
          pADI_AFE->PSWFULLCON |= 0x6000;  //Close switches PL and PL2
          pADI_AFE->SWCON |= 0X10000;

    Thanks for your assistance

    UPDATE 11 Apr 2022

    I've noticed the issue does not happen when I use different clock settings for the ADuCM355. In the AD example ClockInit() function i.e. where ClkDivCfg(1,1); //HCLK=PCLK=26MHz, running AfePwrCfg(AFE_HIBERNATE) prevents PWM in hibernate mode 2.
    Where ClkDivCfg(2,2) and lower, running AfePwrCfg(AFE_HIBERNATE) does not prevent PWM operation in hibernate mode 2. Any advice/ explanation greatly appreciated