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Cannot gather data with LVDT. Cannot detect daughterboard

Category: Software
Product Number: cn0301

I am trying to use the CN0301 evaluation software to gather data using two of Analog Device's LVDTs. I have two of the HR1000 LVDTs and I have the CN0301 circuit.

I followed the user guide to properly set up the board and ensured it appeared in the device manager.

The LEDs light up on both boards when powered. I've made sure the daughterboard is getting the correct voltage. 

This is the error message that appears when trying to use the board:

" An SDP system was found, but the daughterboard was not detected. Check the daughterboard is attached to a compatible SDP, reset SDP if attaching daughterboard, or Canel to abort.

Your SDP board may be in the process of booting."

My initial thought is that the 120-pin connector is bad, but then again it could be the software.  This is the link for the software I downloaded, I'm not sure which version this is.

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