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ADuCM360 build code too Slow

hi all,

I have a problem with ADuCM360 IDE please make me clearly.

I don't understand what happend with my IDE but it really slowly when i build source code.

Below is a part of console log of my project.

It take 1min 25sec to build source code. It really too slow, please let me know how can i speed up my IDE ??

Thank all !

Invoking: Cross ARM GNU Create Flash Image
arm-none-eabi-objcopy -O ihex "MKP_ADuCM360_Firmware_1.0.elf" "MKP_ADuCM360_Firmware_1.0.hex"
Finished building: MKP_ADuCM360_Firmware_1.0.hex

Invoking: Cross ARM GNU Print Size
arm-none-eabi-size --format=berkeley "MKP_ADuCM360_Firmware_1.0.elf"
text data bss dec hex filename
38989 236 1796 41021 a03d MKP_ADuCM360_Firmware_1.0.elf
Finished building: MKP_ADuCM360_Firmware_1.0.siz
15:31:40 Build Finished (took 1m:25s.298ms)
  • Hi ,

    General reason is because of your PC performances, for e.g. the RAM size.

    I also noticed that if you use you computer in "Power Saver" mode it will slow the Eclipse execution process.

    Additional time will be needed if you have selected the No optimization option from your project properties. 

    Let me know if one of these possibilities may be an explanation.