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Aduc7023 program with USB-I2C/LIN CONV-Z

Category: Software
Product Number: Aduc7023, USB-I2C/LIN CONV-Z
Software Version: I2CFTWSD.exe

we want to use the USB-I2C_LIN-CONV-Z(MCV combi DONGLF) along with the I2CFTWSD.exe program to program Aduc7023. The driver of the "Aduc70xy USB-combi-Downloader" has been setup successfully.However, when running this program, it is unable to communicate with the aduc7023. there is a wrong message "couldn't find an FTDI device connected". How can I sovler this problem. Does it mean that the MCU(aduc7023 isn't connect to the USB-I2C_LIN-CONV-Z)

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  • I tried many times, and a few times it worked. The code has been burned into and runed successfully. The burning prgram is so hard. why is the burning program so unstable through the USB-I2C/LIN CONV-Z? Is there anything I should pay attention to?

    Is it relate to the supply power? The voltage of the aduc7023 is from to the VDD of the USB-I2C/LIN CONV-Z moudel. The VDD is +5V. 

  • I haven't encountered a similar issue. You can try entering the download mode before clicking Start on the I2CWSD. I'm not sure if this could help.

    I'm not sure if this is related to the power supply, but you can try monitoring the BM and Reset Pins if they are pull down correctly.

    When initiating the download mode sequence, the device first transmits 0x08. You can try checking the I2C pins with a logic analyzer. If the device does send 0x08 after initiating the download mode and timeout still happens, I think that maybe the issue is with the USB-I2C/LIN CONV-Z dongle.

  • Thanks. I tried to change the power to +3.3V, but it didn't work. Maybe you are right, something wrong with the USB-I2C/LIN CONV-Z. I'll take into consideration that change an USB-I2C module.

    Do you have the SCHEMATIC of the USB-I2C/LIN CONV-Z dongle? 

  • Hi,

    You can use the schematic below as a reference. I haven't been able to locate the actual schematic of the  USB-I2C/LIN CONV-Z dongle yet.


    I have also attached the application note AN-806, which discusses Flash programming via I2C.