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Aduc7023 program with USB-I2C/LIN CONV-Z

Category: Software
Product Number: Aduc7023, USB-I2C/LIN CONV-Z
Software Version: I2CFTWSD.exe

we want to use the USB-I2C_LIN-CONV-Z(MCV combi DONGLF) along with the I2CFTWSD.exe program to program Aduc7023. The driver of the "Aduc70xy USB-combi-Downloader" has been setup successfully.However, when running this program, it is unable to communicate with the aduc7023. there is a wrong message "couldn't find an FTDI device connected". How can I sovler this problem. Does it mean that the MCU(aduc7023 isn't connect to the USB-I2C_LIN-CONV-Z)

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  • when I click Start, the I2CWSD displays a “Timeout” quickly. there is only one second. I donot have time to set BM PIN to GND. 

    sometimes I set BM to GND quickly, but it still doesn't work. what is the reason. I have tried  to change a MCU min-board and re-installer the i2cwsd.

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