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I2CWSD Replacement


We have an ADuC7023 that we would like to program over I2C, as we do not have room to expose the JTAG pins we would normally use to program it.

The eval board page EVAL-ADUC7023 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices suggests that we can use the USB-I2C_LIN-CONV-Z along with the I2CWSD program to program this part over I2C.

However, when running this program, it is unable to communicate with the USB-I2C_LIN-CONV-Z, because of a missing driver. We have been unable to find a way to obtain this driver for Windows 10, and it seems this program was initially meant to run on XP.

Is there a driver available that will let me use this board, and if not, is there an alternative utiilty which will let us program the ADuC7023 over I2C?