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EVAL-ADuC7020MKZ Mini-Kit Programming/Debug with IAR EWB?

Hello all,

     Many thanks for taking the time to read.
For some time now I have been wanting to play around with ARM Microcontrollers as a hobbyist.
I've had good success with AVR's, MSP430's etc but now want to try ARM's.
I have briefly looked at a few from various manufacturers and have found the documentation overwhelming due to the quantity and have given up.

Most of the documentation is about the huge amount of peripherals the devices have to offer so I could probably ignore some of it given I'm only interested in the CPU core, a UART and SPI but pyschologically I know its still there :-)
I stumbled across the Analog Devices EVAL-ADuC7020MKZ Mini Kit with serial cable and love the simplicity of the thing along with the what I like to call the Classic ARM7TDMI core.

It has the peripherals I need without a huge amount of documentation which is absolutely great.
I grabbed a copy of the ARM7TDMI document from ARM and a copy of the documentation specific to the ADuC7020 so I should in theory be almost good to go.

My questions are as follows:-

1. Can I use IAR EWB for ARM to program and debug the device?

   I appear to be able to program the device using the example .hex file and ARMWSD.EXE

   I think I read somewhere about a ROM Monitor for debugging/single stepping but what about the programming?
   I really would like to program within IAR EWB rather than ARMWSD.EXE.

2. If the above is not possible with the device I have chosen then what alternatives would you reccomend
   that are known to be OK with IAR EWB. Also would any additional hardware be needed, Eg. JTAG pod?

3. Are there any good assembly language only code examples anywhere that I could look at as I only want to program in assembler.

Yep I know I ought to do 'C' but I'd rather stick to assembly language while portiing my "Forth" to the ADuC7020.

Thanks in advance for any help and advice you can offer.

Lynton Towler

England, UK