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USB connection to ADUC7024

Hello All,

For my senior project, I will be using the ADUC7024, ADXL345, and various other components to create a fall detection system. I will be designing a custom PCB to meet my design requirements, and I wanted to verify the connection between the PC and microcontroller for programing the microcontroller.

From reading the datasheet for the ADUC7024, I see that it states that "The UART-based serial downloader is included in all the development systems and is usable with the ADuC7019/20/21/ 22/24/25/26/27/28/29 parts that do not contain the I suffix in the Ordering Guide." Does that mean that I should be able to hook up the Data - and + pins of a micro USB header directly to pins 50 and 49, respectively, and I would be able to program the microcontroller on my board directly from the USB port on my PC?

I read AN-724 on how to enter serial download mode, I just wasn't sure if I could do it through USB, since it talks about using and RS-232 connector.

Thank you in advance!