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How do i program ADuC814?

I have a circuit board that had ADuC814 mounted on it and I am trying to program the controller (IC) with Microconverter WSD software but it won't read the ADuC814.Please provide steps to program ADuC814.

  • Hi,

    Is this one of our evaluation boards or a custom board of your own? If you do have access to one of our evaluation boards, a good first step is to try and download via WSD with it.

    After that, assuming the board you are trying to connect to is known to be fully operational, the sequence from the software is pretty straightforward.

    1) You boot it into the download mode by pulling down the BM pin at the time of the reset.

    2) The WSD software sends a challenge to it at a certain baud rate.

    3) The part responds.

    Can you provide some information on the board you are trying to connect to and we can figure out a way forward from there?

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