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SPI communication between the ADAS1000-3 and the Intel Edison platform


I am currently working on the development of an ECG, and I have been using several alternatives. I mainly work with the AD8232, but I have started working with the ADAS1000-3 for a theme of having greater features and functions.

I am using the Intel Edison platform. I have not managed to communicate between them. I am not using the evaluation board. I have the chip placed on a PCB and pin header to allow electrical connections with the Intel Edison.
I could detect that the first error I have when I do not have the Adas driver in Edison's Linux. My question is about whether the driver that is available can work correctly on the Intel Edison. If so, I would just have to install it.

And the other question I have is which option is recommended to handle the data collection through the electrodes. It is not very clear to me the selection of the analog or digital mode and what benefits it would have to use either of them.