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Read AD5790 control registers with STM32F407

I am trying to read AD5790 control registers using STM32F407 through SPI. I developed my program based on the provided generic and RL78G13 driver for AD5790 on the Analog Device Wiki. I only got zero value which is obviously incorrect. This confused me because I do not know whether the zero value is caused by the malfunction of the AD5790 evaluation board or the program I wrote. I have checked the timing diagram and all looks like fine.

Does the configuration on the AD5790 evaluation board matters? I changed LK1 to option B because I need to use external power source and other links remain unchanged. I applied +5V on VCC, -10V on VSS, 10V on VDD. Output is around 0.28V on power on state.

Can anyone figure out the problem? Thanks a lot.

By the way, I cannot see correct output when I am trying to send value to it and this is why I tried to read the control register to ensure the evaluation board still works.

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