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ADRV9002 with Zedboard for hdl-2019-r2 baremetal application not working.

Category: Software
Software Version: sdk2019.1

Only prints hello at SDK terminal when I run the default SDK project. 

I followed following steps. 


How to build Xilinx Default HDL Project for Zedboard in Window?

Courtesy to:



  1. Vivado installed

Steps to build:

  1. Cygwin installation

make sure following libraries but install: git, make, gcc, g++

  1. Create folder in your PC where you want to download resource files and build
  2. Export the Vivado and SDK directories

export PATH=$PATH:/cygdrive/your path of vivado and sdk


export PATH=$PATH:/cygdrive/C/Xilinx/Vivado/2019.1/bin

export PATH=$PATH:/cygdrive/C/Xilinx/SDK/2019.1/bin


  1. Verify the exported paths
  2. Download the resource hdl files

git clone

  1. Run following commands
  2. cd hdl
  3. git status
  4. git checkout hdl_2019_r2
  5. git fetch origin
  6. git rebase origin/hdl_2019_r2
  7. ls
  8. cd projects/adrv9001/zed
  9. make
  10. Once make is done you can open your project in vivado




How to build Xilinx Default No-OS Project for Zedboard in Window?

Courtesy to:



  1. Vivado installed

Steps to build:

  1. Install git on your PC

  1. Create directory where you want to build your no-os project
  2. Export the SDK paths

export PATH=/d/Xilinx/SDK/2019.1/bin:/d/Xilinx/SDK/2019.1/gnu/aarch32/nt/gcc-arm-none-eabi/bin:$PATH

source /path/to/xilinx/Vitis/2022.2/

  1. Verify the exported paths
  2. Clone the no-os source file

git clone --recursive -b 2019_R2

  1. Go the directory till


  1. Run the command (I had already run this command that is why not available now)


  1. Copy the hdf file from HDL project directory to the no-OS project directory
  2. Run the command


  1. The connect your zedboad with PC and run command

      make run

  1. Run the command


  1. SDK will open you , now you can verify the built project
  • I was stuck in this problem for one week and I able to find solution successfully. 

    Steps I followed to solve this issue are:

    1.  Turned off all antivirus
    2.  Run sdk and open the default no-os project 
    3.  Removed the Debug file from the project 
    4.  Clean the project
    5.  Shown in the attached picture, this is the most important step ( open the adrv9001 -> scr -> hal -> parameters.h) and changed the <#if defined(PLATFORM_MB)
      #define GPIO_OFFSET 54
      #define GPIO_OFFSET 54 //78>
    6.  Rebuild the project
    7.  Run it on zedboard, now it start working