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Dual ADRV9009 issue

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9009

We are trying to bring-up a custom board with 2xADRV9009, and successfully managed to bring-up each ADRV9009 individually, but are facing issues with the JESD links for the TX part when trying to include both ADRV9009 at the same time.

For reference, here is the console output when enabling a single ADRV9009:

Our HDL block design for 2 transceivers is based of the fmcomms8_zcu102 project, with following parameters:  TX_JESD_M=8 TX_JESD_L=8 RX_JESD_M=8 RX_JESD_L=4


Here is the console output when trying to bring up this image:

RX and ORX report being in DATA state, while TX is still in ILAS. 

Any idea of what could be wrong, what to check and how to proceed in order to fix this issue ? 

Thank you

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