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CN0552 AD7746 "Could not get IIO Context: Unknown error..."

Category: Software
Product Number: Eval-CN0552-PMDZ

This error, "Could not get IIO Context: Unknown error..." when connecting the ADICUP3029 to a PC after downloading the latest hex file has been submitted before. The recommended solution was to confirm the USB serial port and parameters, including baud rate of 115200.

I have tried to connect to my ADICUP3029 / AD7746 on two different computers with the same result. T

  • The hex file appears to download correctly to the DAPLINK drive (mine enumerates as E:); the hex file, "ADuCM3029_demo_cn0552.hex" is the current version listed under the link "">
  • The serial parameters are correct * 115200 8N1
  • I confirmed the USB serial port was associated with the '3029
  • I have refreshed the osc.exe connection and tried resetting / powerdown-powerup the '3029 board

Still no connection between IIO and the ADICUP3029. 

What am I doing wrong?



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