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build no-OS project for adrv9361z7035 using sdk2019.1 version and 2019_r2 branch

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9361
Software Version: SDK2019.1 and vivado2019.1

I am trying to build no-OS for adrv9361z7035_ccfmc_lvds project using 2019_R2 branch. but NO-OS is not build using SDK2019.1 and 2019_R2 branch. Is sdk2019.1 and 2019_R2 branch is still supports for no-OS which is available @ I am using cygwin terminal for building both HDL and no-OS. My HDL project for adrv9361z7035 is build successfully using vivado2019.1 and hdl_2019_R2 branch, but my no-OS project is failed to build using the SDK2019.1 and 2019_R2 branch. Cygwin stuck when I ran make command, it does not give any responses. So I tried to use git bash for no-OS build and it throws some error. Please help me to resolve this issues as I am stuck to go for further development. If I add .c and .h files manually using SDK2019.1 then which files should I include in project?

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