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Some question about zcu102+ADRV9002 no-OS DMA_EXAMPLE

Category: Software
Product Number: ZCU102+ADRV9002
Software Version: VIVADO 2022.2 VITIS 2022.2


I downloaded the HDL and no-OS provided by ADI on github, the architecture of the ZCU102+ ADRV9001 generated using VIVADO 2022.2 and the no-OS compiled ADRV9001 using VITIS 2022.2.

There are several question after verifying the DMA EXAMPLE results.

1.Is this result correct?

2. Is it correct that the amplitude of the sin wave changes?

3.What is the carrier frequency of this example,and What fuction can i use in the project if i want to change the carrier frequency?

Thank You,


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