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How to use TES generate C99 code replace no_OS project?

Category: Software
Product Number: ZCU102+ADRV9002
Software Version: Vivado 2022.2,Vitis 2022.2,TES 0.25.0


I downloaded hdl and no-OS from ADI's github, used vivado 2022.2 to compile the architecture of zcu102 and ADRV9002, and then used Vitis 2022.2 to do the DMA loopback of no-OS to verify that the architecture has correct transceiver.

Later, when I wanted to use C99 generated by tes to replace no-OS, I found that some files about the Linux system could not be compiled.  Are there any user guide for no-OS?


Thank You,


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    •  Analog Employees 
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    Hi ,

    The reference project that we showcase under no-OS/projects/adrv9001 does not support using C99 code generated by TES.

    However, you may use TES to generate a .json profile and use that…

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  • Hello rbolboac,

    I have successfully validated the architecture of the ZCU102+ ADRV9002 using the ADI github no-OS project.

    The TES parameters can generate c99 after they are set, so I want to verify the c99 of TES with the same HDL architecture in vitis. Can I do this?If so, is there a guide on how to use c99 for no-OS?

    Thank you,

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