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ZC706 + FMCOMMS5 + ADF5355 no-Os

Category: Hardware

Dear all,

I'm trying to use the external LO; I have the rev C of the fmcomms5 with the possibility of using the adf5355. I would like to ask for help in developing the bare-metal. I have already seen that in the ad9361 APIs, to configure the two chips to take the signal from the outside, I must use the two functions ad9361_set_rx_lo_int_ext() and ad9361_set_tx_lo_int_ext(). My first question is:

  1. As for the ad9361, are these two functions alone sufficient to call for both chips, or is there something else that needs to be modified?

Regarding the configuration of the adf5355, I'm not clear on how I should proceed. I have downloaded the two files adf5355.c and adf5355.h from GitHub, and I also have the software application "adf5355 evaluation board control software" for the control of the adf5355, which I imagine is useful for determining the values that need to be written inside the registers.

  1. Are there examples of using these adf5355 APIs?
  2. Is there an example for filling the structure for initialization with the parameters to put inside the structures?
  3. How can I set up and use the SPI to write to and read from the adf5355 registers?
I hope you can help me understand in detail how to use the adf5355 on the fmcomms5 for no-os drivers.
Best regards to all,