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Run-time analysis of AD9467 Samples in DDR Memory without IIO-Oscilloscope

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9467_Eval_board
Software Version: Master

Hi  , 

You commented on this thread,  Generates error in No-OS (2019_R2) using SDK 2019.1 , in which you advise to try with a iio-oscilloscope first.

Our data can now be successfully viewed in IIO-Oscilloscope, but we now want to check the ad9467 samples in DDR Memory in real-time using Xilinx Vitis 2021.2.

We must do a run-time analysis of those transformed samples stored in DDR Memory. How can it be resolved?

Please examine my issue as we require those samples during run-time for some identification.


Abbas Ali

FPGA Engineer   

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