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Error of NO-OS Project Building AD9361

Category: Software
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Hello everyone,  

I am recently trying to build a no-OS project which will be implemented on my Nios soft processor (Altera platform) using AD9361.  

All my building procedures have followed all the instructions provided from:  

Before the step of "Building a project", everything seems to be fine which includes clone NO-OS with the recursive flag, build prerequesties of intelFPGA 18.1 and even the step of "make".  

However, every time I tried to build ("make build" with admin command prompt in Windows11) the project, the command prompt shows an error listed below:    

It shows:  *** No rule to make target '/cygdrive/c/C_Projects/no-OS/projects/ad9361/build/obj/ad9361/build/app/ad9361/src/main.o', needed by '/cygdrive/c/C_Projects/no-OS/projects/ad9361/build/ad9361.elf'.  Stop. 

Please note: The requested .sof and .sopcinfo files have been included in ad9361 folder.  

Can anyone please help? Thank you very much in advance.