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Generates error in No-OS (2019_R2) using SDK 2019.1

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9467_EVAL_BOARD
Software Version: NO_OS (2019_R2)

Vivado Platform: 2019.1

SDK Platform: 2019.1

HDL Release Version: 2019_R2

No-OS Release Version: 2019_R2

Successfully, we created a hardware HDL(2019_R2) from analog devices sources ---> 

and it's bitstream generated successfully as mentioned in below figure

After, generation of bitstream we exported hardware to the SDK Platform 2019.1

Here, we insert all required API's from the analog devices sources --->

First of al, we choose the Xilinx Carrier in the app_config.h header file after addition of all API's to the SDK 2019.1.

Example for choosing the Xilinx carrier in the app_config.h header file. We uncomment the #define XILINX to declare it as a carrier.

Here are the issues:

  • Generates some issues in compat.h file.
  • Due to this errors in compat.h our SDK project does not build to run the ADC core ad9467 in testing mode.

Recent Milestone:

Test mode completion and it passed all the test pattern successfully.

Future Goals:

Using ad9467 evaluation board as a key component in our project and end the project as a patent.   

Microcontroller no-OS Drivers team, kindly have a look on my issues, Thanks
Otherwise, ad9467 evaluation board is useless in my upcoming projects because I done everything which you guys told me about Vivado Version and Release Version of analog devices and I installed these versions but still facing issues.

Kindly, need your team support as soon as possible.