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Driver for adrv9003 with STM32H7

Category: Software
Product Number: Adrv9003
Software Version: 67.1.1

Hey everyone, I tried to write a driver for adrv9003.

I tried to do it with stm32h7 controller without FPGA.

So, I tried to use no-os repository from github, and I generated main code with ADRV9001 Transceiver Evaluation Software.

I remove the fpga member from initialize function and all the usage of this in the function, remove all includes and remove all linux usage because I compiled my code on windows.

In addition, I wrote platform that implements function like spi read/write.

When I run it, I get error from ADRV9001_SPIWRITEBYTES because there is an error report with API FAIL, so I tries to do a condition on it and I succeeded to write to register and read from the same register and there is the value that I wrote before, but I have a problem when I check the armStatusState this function return -101 as error code, so I tried to find the problem and I saw that Radio_State_Get function return boot state as CCAL_ERR.

What could be causing this problem?