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SDK Building project generates API issues

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9467_EVAL_BOARD
Software Version: NO_OS (2019_R2)

We successfully created the hardware (HDL_2019_R2) using Vivado 2019.1 and facing no issues in it.
However, when we tried to build our project in SDK 2019.1 using we are facing some issues in it. Here, are the required files

But, when we add these required files in our SDK project then it generates error in the compat.h file.

I think compat.c file is missing in the given N0-OS (2019_R2). Try to help me in this issue ASAP. 

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  • Yes, I facing the same issue in compat.h 

    • Example for choosing the Xilinx carrier in the app_config.h header file:
    I uncomment the #define XILINX to declare it as a carrier. 

    Kindly, have a look on it. Due to this error, I'm in hanging situation and don't proceed my project to the next level.