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ADRV9002 with ZED , no-OS , no oscilloscope connection

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9002
Software Version: 2021.1

Hi All,

I have a problem connecting the IIO oscilloscope to the ZED board fitted with the ADRV9002 dev board C0 version.

After launching the code ( no-OS ) compiled with TINYIIOD=y option, I see the following message on my terminal connected at 115 200  8N1.

I have closed this terminal switching to the IIO Oscilloscope used under windows 10 with the new speed of 921600 but no connection only the message :  Could not get the IIO Context. Too many links....

Is there any manual for the IIO Oscilloscope where the errors are explained ?

Please see attached:

Any advice?

Thank you in advance,