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ADuCM420 no-OS driver documentation

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-ADUCM420QSP1Z

I am looking for the documentation of the no-OS drivers their APIs for the ADuCM420 Precision Microcontroller.

I have the EVAL-ADUCM420QSP1Z Evaluation Board for the ADuCM420 precision microcontroller.  I have downloaded the no-OS Drivers, other related software, and the code examples from the Analog Devices ftp site as given in the instructions of the User Guide of the EVAL-ADUCM420QSP1Z Evaluation Board.  However, I could not locate any documentation. I am advanced microcontroller developer; however, I have not worked with Analog Devices microcontrollers before.  The  code examples provided are cryptic and are minimally documented (if any). I would sincerely appreciate if you could point me where I can find the documentation on the drivers and the APIs.

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