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How to change the baud rate in no-OS IIO?

Category: Software
Product Number: fmcomms3
Software Version: 2021_R1

I am running an fmcomms3 eval board on zedboard. My Vivado and Vitis version is 2021.1 on a Windows 10 PC.

 Hi I am Using no-OS and HDL drivers 2021_R1 on a zedboard. My USB COM ports on my PC do not support 921600 bps. If I try to reduce the baudrate in the driver the tinyIIOD server fails to start. Is it possible to reduce the baudrate? If yes then how?

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  • Hi, I did change the BAUD_RATE from 921600 to 115200 but then the tinyIIOD server doesn't start it throws up an error. I tried many different BAUD_RATE values but it seems everytime on the serial display it shows :

    tinyIIOD server failed to start. -12.

    The -12 seems to be some sort of error code but I don't know what that means.

    I can't understand the where is the dependency of tinyIIOD server on baudrate. I tried reducing the buffer size of the IIOD buffer as defined in tinyIIOD but that doesn't help either.