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AD717X Init Parameters

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-AD7175-2


I would like to clarify if I still need to define the other parameters for the initialization of AD717x driver. Based on this wiki AD717X No-OS Software Drivers [Analog Devices Wiki], it only calls the spi_init, regs, and num_regs but in the ad717x header file(attached code), I see several parameters. Do I still need to define them all?

typedef struct {
	/* SPI */
	no_os_spi_init_param		spi_init;
	/* Device Settings */
	ad717x_st_reg		*regs;
	uint8_t			num_regs;
	/* Active Device */
	enum ad717x_device_type active_device;
	/* Reference Enable */
	bool ref_en;
	/* Number of Channels */
	uint8_t num_channels;
	/* Number of Setups */
	uint8_t num_setups;
	/* Channel Mapping */
	struct ad717x_channel_map chan_map[AD717x_MAX_CHANNELS];
	/* Setups */
	struct ad717x_channel_setup setups[AD717x_MAX_SETUPS];
	/* Gain */
	uint32_t pga[AD717x_MAX_SETUPS];
	/* Filter Configuration */
	struct ad717x_filtcon filter_configuration[AD717x_MAX_SETUPS];
	/* ADC Mode */
	enum ad717x_mode mode;
} ad717x_init_param;