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Clock configuration error when changing default ADRV9009 profile - ad9528 setting problem


I am working on ADRV9009 with ZCU102. I want to change default profile (because i am going to work on different external clock) and i generated through Profile Configuration Wizard and used it to generate .c file on Transceiver Evaluation Software. It generated talise_config.h, talise_config.c and talise_config_ad9528.h.

The problem is reference no-OS design didn't use talise_config_ad9528.h and sets ad9528 with app_clocking.c file. 


So i can not change ad9528 settings with generated talise_config_ad9528.h file. How can i implement my new profile to no-OS project? Should i change ad9528_param.pdata parameters manually? If so how?

For better understanding
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    Hi  ,

    it is true that currently the ad9528 configuration from the profile is ignored and explicit values are hardwired in no-OS code.

    If you'd like settings from talise_config_ad9528.h to be used…