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no-OS for ADRV9001 + ZC706

I found the hdl code support adrv9001+zc706. and I try to build no-OS for adrv9001+zc706.

there is no error at the build process. but when I debug this project, there is an error( cannot access memory at address 0xea00032)  at running adi_adrv9001_profileutil_Parse(phy.adrv9001, &phy.profile,
(char *)json_profile, strlen(json_profile));

So I want to know if this no-OS code is just for zcu102+adrv9001(the build.json show zcu102 only)? and how I can change this demo for zc706 to solve this problem. thanks

hdl version : master

no-OS version: master

build platform: centos 7