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Adrv9008-1, problem with axi_dmac_transfer (infinite loop)

There is ADRV9008-1, hdl (latest version, like NO-os) built on the basis of the AD9371 project on KCU105 in order to assemble the ADRV9009 project on MicroBlaze. NO-os is based on ADRV9009. Used by Vivado 2020.2.
The project is working, ADRV9008-1 is fully initialized with two warnings (TAL_DEFRAMER_A status 0x10, TAL_FRAMER_A status 0x21).
The line with DAC_DMA_EXAMPLE was uncommented in order to write any data from the ADC to RAM, but the program hangs on axi_dmac_transfer, inside which an endless loop is formed from lines 273 to 277, which means that the current transfer is not completed.
What could be the problem? I checked the base address rx_dma, ADC, everything matches the hdl project.
Just in case, I provide the project in hdl:
Sincerely, Dendy.

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  • Hello  ,

    We had a closer look on DMA projects and we might have found the cause of the hanging of the transfer. Before capturing samples (initiating DMA transfers), AXI DMA channels (at least one)…

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