AD9361 fmcomms5 adc channels registers

Good afternoon,

I am trying to implement an adc_set_calib_scale function call from the adc core in no-os.  I am using an fmcomms5 with a zc706.  Previously, I have inputed specific dds channels into dds functions, and I have a good understanding of how the dds channels correspond to my hardware.

I am having trouble determining what I should put in for the channel argument for the adc_set_calib_scale function defined in the adc core.  Does chnl 0 correspond to ADC_CHAN_RX1_I like the dds channels do or does chnl 0 correspond to something else entirely?  I looked in the adc_core.h to see if there were any channels defined and all I found were these registers below.

I am probably missing something here.  Thank you for the help in advance.