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'Building target: jesd204config3.elf' -- 'Invoking: MicroBlaze gcc linker'

HI everyone,

I try to build the (no os) code for my Microblaze and i have this error on gcc linker.

mb-gcc -L"C:\Users\user\workspace\jesd204config3_system" -L"C:\no-OS-master\drivers\platform\xilinx" -Wl,-T -Wl,../src/lscript.ld -LC:/Users/user/workspace/jesd204microblaze2/export/jesd204microblaze2/sw/jesd204microblaze2/standalone_domain/bsplib/lib -mlittle-endian -mcpu=v11.0 -mxl-soft-mul -Wl,--no-relax -Wl,--gc-sections -o "jesd204config3.elf" ./src/axi_io.o ./src/delay.o ./src/main.o ./src/uart.o -Wl,--start-group,-lxil,-lgcc,-lc,--end-group
c:/xilinx/vitis/2020.2/gnu/microblaze/nt/x86_64-oesdk-mingw32/usr/bin/microblaze-xilinx-elf/../../libexec/microblaze-xilinx-elf/gcc/microblaze-xilinx-elf/9.2.0/real-ld.exe: ./src/main.o: in function `main':

what i have to do ? for linker found this -->xil_spi_ops ?

C:\Users\user\workspace\jesd204config3\Debug/../src/main.c:76: undefined reference to `xil_spi_ops'

thanks for your kind responses.

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