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ADV7611 Initialization

We are trying to configure the ADV7611 on an Avnet AES-FMC-HDMI-CAM-G FMC. Apparently this board is a derivative of the earlier IMAGEON FMC.

The FMC is installed on a Xilinx KCU105. We had to modify the board to use 3.3V rather than VADJ for the I2C switch, but that change allowed use to access all of the CSRs in the ADV7511, ADV7611 and I2C GPIO chip on the board.

The problem that we are having now is initializing the ADV7611. We created initialization code based on a Linux driver for the IMAGEON board. Unfortunately we can't get the video source to recognize the ADV7611 and start transmitting video. We suspect that we don't have the recipe right for configuring the EDID and or Repeater blocks in the ADV7611.

I suspect that the problem could be that the driver example that we started with was for an ADV7610. I'm not sure how different these devices are. We just want to configure the ADV7611 for 1080p video and we don't need anything fancy like CEC. We are running the code bare metal on a MicroBlaze.

Does anyone know where we could find some example initialization code for this device?

Any help would be appreciated.


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