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AD9364 register access using SPI


I am using AD-FMCOMMS4 board with NEXYS VIDEO board. I am at early stage of prototyping for a design. I am trying to access the registers of the AD-FMCOMMS4 using spi.

For now I am not using the no-OS drivers, I am sending the correct SPI signals (SPI_EN,SPI_CLK,SPI_DI,SPI_DO)according to the timing diagram and documentation, but I am unable to read anything back.

Is running the initialization routine needed before attempting to access the registers using SPI? or AM I missing a step?


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  • Are you suggesting that it's possible to develop control system for the AD9364 (using the FMCOMMS4 and a supported FPGA) with custom digital logic, just basing the behavior on the no-os drivers?

    I've been interested in doing this, but have really only heard discouragements from ADI's support up until now, making me believe it's not feasible.

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