zcu102+ad9081: make file for SDK (no-os) hangs

Hi There!

I am trying to build ad9081 Eval project... I have been able to generate the hdl design for zcu102, successfully and the hdf file is exported for SDK project.

But I am unable to build the SDK project...

The make command get stuck as shown below:

$ cd projects/ad9081/
PC@DESKTOP-3PH23BS /cygdrive/d/Project_9081/new/adi/no-OS/projects/ad9081

$ ls
builds.json  Makefile  src  src.mk  system_top.hdf

PC@DESKTOP-3PH23BS /cygdrive/d/Project_9081/new/adi/no-OS/projects/ad9081
$ make

I am using window10 and trying to build the no-os SDK project for ad9081 for zcu102... It is not for the custom hardware at all... just generic project building ...

Can anyone tell how can I build the SDK project for ad9081... for zcu102?



  • Hi ,

    Please follow carefully the instructions here by expanding the Windows instructions: https://wiki.analog.com/resources/no-os/build

    You haven't posted your build errors but I've deduced you use cygwin.

    cygwin is not tested with our build system on Windows

    If you follow the instructions you'll see that you need to use windows cmd to perform the build after doing the prerequisites (gnu make installation, add it to Path etc.)

  • Thanks  for the timely reply...

    Yes I was using cygwin for running the make command and for building SDK project... but I did not know that we can run it without cygwin...

    Coming back to the topic, Following the link that you shared did not provide much help... But as you mentioned that I should use window cmd, that worked. But instead of using the window cmd, I used the Xilinx Software Command Line Tool Terminal and ran the make command from the project directory and It worked smoothly. 

    But the SDK project that was created (in the 'build' folder) is quite different than the one I used to work with... I mean it is different from the 'Hello World' project that SDK creates... 

    Usually we have one 'src' directory but here we have three directories in the app folder, 

        └── app
            ├── ad9081
            ├── noos
            ├── src
    │   ├── lscript.ld
    │ └── README.txt (Empty application. Add your own sources)

    Below is the picture of my SDK project. The main function is provided in app.c but the src folder is empty.

    Also there is a variable xil_gpio_platform_ops (highlighted in orange in above figure) , it is not declared. The only declaration can be found in gpio_extrra.h file where it is declared as extern as shown below:


    So my question is that do I need to change something in this project or may be add something?
    My target is to build a project for ZCU102+ad9081, so will this project run as it is for zcu102? 

    How do I proceed with this project?



  • ,

    The link I provided is the link to the build instructions on no-OS. Pretty much every no-OS user builds that way and I suggest you do the same.

    Regarding that xil_gpio_platform_ops, on master it can be found here, renamed:


    On 2019_R2 branch it can be found here:


    So it is defined in latest release and latest master.

  • Thanks for the clarification.... 

    It resolves my concerns but can you answer two more questions:

    The project that I have just build, Is it ready to be used with ZCU102+ad9081? I mean there are no more additions/modules required for that?

    Also when I was reading about ad9081, it says you need to request the software from AD by filling the software request form... So my question is that, is this software different from what the GitHub provides?


  • Yes, the project is ready to use as-is.

    I am not sure what you'd get by submitting that request form but you could definitely try. In any case, what's on github under no-OS repo is under active development and it's a good starting point for your project.

  • Thanks

    As always, You have been very helpful... And I am very thankful, for that...

    That answers all my concerns...  I will investigate further when I get to run the code on the ad9081.... currently the order is in place...

    May be I need to ask in a separate thread about the things that I will get after filling the software request form.

    Thanks again...