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xilinx capture script


I'm using ad7616. Trying to capture data from DDR ram. I run the script given in the legacy folder but after running that script I didn't see the capture_chl.csv file anywhere.

I'm copy-pasting the whole script after setting the following arguments:

set     m_type          ZYNQ_PS7

set    start_addr     0x00800000  

set    num_of_channels   2      ;#(as I'm applying an input to only channel A0)

set   strage_bits     16 

other than this I didn't change anything else. Just copy the whole script and paste into the XSCT console. But I checked every folder of the project but I didn't find the capture_chl.csv file anywhere. 

Kindly correct me if my way is wrong.

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    Please do not copy to xsct console, use xsct in command line with arguments (script name, extra parameters etc.) something like:

    xsct ../../legacy/scripts/xilinx_capture.tcl ZYNQ_PS7 0x800000 32768…

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    , you need to source the / settings64.bat script first to have xsct available at command line.

    And then, make sure to provide the correct path to xilinx_capture.tcl, this is probably…