export example for ad9361 in with no-OS


I want to run on my board adrv9364-z7020 + bob the example from this link: It shows how to copy this repository. This are my questions: 1) When I open SDK by following this link:

What is the appropriate workspace for my project? 2) To copy the repository they give me the following instructions:
Export your SDK_Export folder: On Windows: (SDK-> Xilinx Tools-> Launch Shell) C: \ tmp \ ad9361 \ sw> set SDK_EXPORT = path_to_your \ SDK \ SDK_Export \ hw Build for ZYNQ: Windows: C: \ tmp \ ad9361 \ sw> make -f Makefile.zynq [clean] - C: \ tmp \ ad9361 \ sw. Does it refer to the address where my software is located? - path_to_your. What do you mean by this part? Thank you, Nicole