ADRV9002 initializing with No-OS software


We have an adrv9002 eval board. We try to develop a software for our custom design with adrv9002 and zcu102. We are using the ADRV9002 No-Os system level desing located in this link For the HDL side, we take this reference But in the block design we don't use the DMA, upack and cpack. When we try to init the adrv9002, software stuck on the adrv9002_digital_init() function. I added some helpfull files that you can see where software stucks on which point and some logs of adrv9002. Could you pls help me about this problem?

In addition i have another question about digital initilization. Digital initialization includes some steps. First step is "LOAD STREAM IMAGE". As i understand it, this function load stream image

to stream processor. is it true? Then the function load the arm image. Does adrv9002 has any processor? what is purpose of this step, can you give us more detail about the step? 

file 1 : sw_debug

file 2 : log