ad9361_set_rx_sampling_freq() write error


I'm working with the ad9361z7035 with the no-OS setup.

I am able to output my IQ samples to the serial monitor, but now I want to change the sampling frequency.
I noticed that there is a function called 'ad9361_set_rx_sampling_freq()', but whenever I try to change the sampling frequency using this function, I get the following error on the serial monitor:

Any idea how to solve this?
Do I need to use another approach to set the desired sampling frequency?

Kind regards

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    •  Analog Employees 
    Oct 13, 2021 in reply to Lars_H +1 suggested

    Hello ,

    Since I have no access to your edited code, I cannot tell exactly how/in which step of the application did you call the function. Also, did you try to debug the code and isolate where exactly…