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what frequency of the link clk of the adc data of adrv9009 reference design?

Hi,I am using the hdl release 'hdl_2019_r1'. And I am using the project in zc706 and EVAL-ADRV9008/9. And i am using no-os release '2019_R1'.

1.   I want to know what frequency of the clk_0 in the picture below., is it 122.88MHz ? It's seems equal to the "lane rate / 40" and lane rate = 4915.2MHz.

2.   what frequency is the clk in the picture below ?  Is it 250MHz?

3.     I notice that the clk_0 connect to the link_clk of rx_adrv9009_tp_core.

Is the link_clk as sample frequency of adc_data_0~3 ? If it isn't ,which clk is ? and the freq?

I am looking forward to ur reply.. Thanks for ur help..

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