Real time data processing in ZCU102 for ADRV9009 transceiver evaluation card

I want to capture real-time data continuously from ADRV9009 Card in ZCU102 card, and perform some processing in ZCU102.  We are using non-os project from following link. Can anyone help me in this regard?

Currently, i am looking into following code.

After reading the code in headless.c file in /adrv9009/src/app/ folder, i think this code continuously transmits data but receives only one time and stores the received data in memory. Is it true? How can i modify the code to continuously capture real-time data? Is there some example avaiable to capture real time data continuously.

Further, I want to ask few questions about DMA Interrupts. I have found ADI AXI DMA information from following link

By looking at headless.c file, i have understood that we need to initiate data copy by using following function, axi_dmac_write(dmac, AXI_DMAC_REG_START_TRANSFER, 0x1); If we need to start data copy for each sample, then how can we get to know that ADC data is available from ADRV9009?