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ADIS16362 IIO Driver for Raspberry PI?

According to the instructions at we can build build Linux kernel for Raspberry PI and can add driver support for adis16400 which indeed support ADIS16362.

But the question is how a 16-bit SPI works with Raspberry Pi which only supports 8-bit SPI transactions. How the drivers handle this issue? Is it possible to keep CS low for two bytes transfer for the legacy Linux SPI driver provided with Raspberry Pi OS? 

Secondly I am looking for a Raspberry Pi OS c/c++ example which somehow uses the iio adis16400 drivers to read/write the ADIS16362 registers. So far I have tried to use this driver

by modifying it for ADIS16362 and it is not working... nothing received on MISO pin! It would be very helpful if someone guide or provide an example code to use iio adis16400 driver specifically for to reading/writing the ADIS16362 registers.

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