DEVICE CONFIGURATION REGISTER MAP AD9144: No correspondence between SDK and datasheet

Dear community,

I am checking the writing/reading operations into specific registers in the SDK and checking them in the datasheet. However, they look different. For instance, let's take the following example:

I write a specific value in the following register:

I check the address of this register:

I go to the datasheet to verify that this register is the SYNC CONTROL register:

As you can see, that register is NOT the SYNC CONTROL. The good one is the 0x03A and NOT the 0x44:

Why there is no correspondence between the registers in the SDK and the registers in the datasheet? What am I missing?

I am using the DAQ2 + ZC706 project. The DAQ2 has the AD9144 DAC, this is the datasheet:

You can find the Register mapping at the end (page 87)

Thank you so much!

Miguel Angel

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